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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Rotary Lobe Pump Transport Mud?

Can a lobe pump transfer slurry? The answer is yes.

The rubber rotor has a high self-priming capacity and is more wear-resistant than the metal rotor. It is usually used with a wear-resistant liner to transport media containing solid impurities.

Notes on the use of lobe pumps.

I. Before starting the lobe pump

The lubricant level should be checked before each operation of the lobe pump. The lubricating fluid should be changed regularly. In general, all of it should be replaced after 4,000 hours of operation.

Second, the operation of the lobe pump

During the operation of the lobe pump, attention should be paid to the motor power and pump operation, any abnormality should stop the pump to find the cause. Do not use the valve of the inlet pipeline to adjust the flow rate to avoid cavitation and vibration of the pump. When the pump is running, it is strictly forbidden to close all the inlet and outlet valves.

Three, lobe pump shutdown maintenance

Stop the pump to close the import and export valves, easy to condense material discharge clean up. After the pump has been out of use for a long time, the coupling should be rotated by hand before it is activated, the hand feels resistance, but can turn freely and lightly and evenly. And pay attention to identify the sound of friction and foreign matter in the pump. When re-installing the pump and the gear motor, check the coaxiality of the pump shaft and the motor shaft, and measure that the outer circle of the coupling is not more than 0.1mm up, down, left and right, otherwise it will cause vibration of the pump and affect the life of the spindle.