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May 11, 2022 View:

Can The Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump Pump Sludge With 70% Water Content?

The Ace sludge rotor pump is a low speed, strong self-priming, wear-resistant, good through-put volumetric lobe pump which can not only convey slurries with a maximum solids content of 60% and a viscosity of 100,000 cp, but also a mixed solid-liquid-gas transport. Therefore, sludge lobe pumps are the choice for media with a water content of 70% sludge.

Application advantages of sludge rotors.

1、Small footprint

Sludge convex lobe pumps generally occupy 1/2 or 1/3 the floor space of a screw pump

2、No tangle, no blockage

3、Abrasion resistance

Sludge rotary lobe pumps have only rubber covered rotors, no stator and rotor like screw pumps, fewer consumable parts and long replacement cycles

4、Simple maintenance method

The sludge rotary lobe pumps are in-line maintenance, easy to disassemble, no need to remove piping and motors, and do not affect the use of other workstations