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May 11, 2022 View:

Can You Choose A Rotary Lobe Pump For Oil-Bearing Sewage?

Oily sewage is a mixture of crude oil, sewage, particulate matter and fibrous impurities. When choosing a pump for this station, it is important to choose a lobe pump with strong self-priming power, low speed, corrosion and wear resistance, mainly because the lobe pump has the following advantages.

1、Durable: The lobe pump has a long service life, durability, less maintenance and self-priming capability.

2. Low speed of 10-650r/min, wear-resistant rubber liner with axial and radial wear plates for longer pump operation and low failure rate.

3, in the field of gas and diesel applications, the general rubber material selection of fluoroelastomer, corrosion and wear resistance is strong.

4, easy to replace wearing parts, can achieve online maintenance, no need to remove the pipe, a single person can open the pump cover to replace wearing parts.

5、No need to fill the pump manually, that is, it has a strong self-priming force, the maximum suction range is 8.5m; conveying flow range 1-2000m/h.

6、The non-clogging design ensures the passage of large diameter materials, with a maximum passage diameter of 80mm.