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May 11, 2022 View:

Can You Use A Mobile Rotary Lobe Pump For Pumping Sludge From The Bottom Of A Tank?

We know that the petrochemical industry sludge tank bottom sludge viscosity is high, by dirty oil, sewage, particulate matter, crude oil and other aromatic media, pumping up very troublesome, therefore, in the choice of pump must be both strong suction capacity, easy maintenance, easy to move, easy to use and other characteristics.

The mobile lobe pump with Ace lobe pump as the core, using DN50 inlet and outlet piping, can be moved by 2 people on a trolley, just in time to solve the problem of pumping sludge from the bottom of the tank.

lobe pump

Characteristics of trolley mounted mobile lobe pumps.

1、Self-priming capability, the lobe pump can be self-priming without the need to draw liquid to fill the pump.

2、Abrasion resistance: The characteristics of abrasion resistance are related to the composition structure of the lobe pump. The lobe pump uses a fully rubber covered three-leaf spiral rotor, and the petroleum and petrochemical industry generally uses fluorine rubber, which is resistant to oil and corrosion.

There is an axial protection liner inside the overflow chamber, divided into 2 pieces: the outer liner prevents the medium from contacting the pump cover and the inner liner blocks the medium from entering the intermediate isolation chamber and damaging the mechanical seal.

3, non-clogging, positive displacement pump in operation, the overflow chamber is in a vacuum state, soft media or small particle size hard particles can be through the pressure difference of atmospheric pressure through the overflow chamber body. At this time, in order to reduce wear and tear, it is recommended to reduce the outlet speed.

4, easy maintenance, lobe pump replacement wearing parts without removing the pipeline, motor, turn off the power, open the pump head side of the pump shell, you can see the completed overflow chamber, you can simply replace the rotor, and other replacement of less frequent wearing parts.

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