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May 14, 2022 View:

Can gear pumps be replaced by lobe rotor pumps

Gear and lobe lobe pump are two forms of pumps, each with its own place of use and rules of use, and many people are unclear about the problems that exist in the use of both, some of whom will be concerned about whether they can replace each other, and the following is an introduction to you. Can gears be replaced by cam lobe pump? The following is an introduction to the characteristics and working principles of each.

lobe pump

1、Gear pump working principle and characteristics

Gear pump is the active shaft driven by the prime mover to rotate, the tooth top and end face is The pump body and front and rear end caps are surrounded by two gears that bite together to convey materials. The work process of gear bite conveying will produce a strong coefficient of friction, a long time the gap will become larger, will significantly reduce the efficiency of transport, and even cause material damage, scorching, etc., which will have to do a good job of regular replacement work. In addition, the gear pump pressure pulsation, noise, basically can not do a real sanitary, no leakage.

2. The working principle and characteristics of lobe lobe pump

The working principle of lobe lobe pump is based on the core of twisted lobe rubber lobe lobe pump, which adopts synchronous gear driven to continuously rotate two spiral lobe rotors to push the transport medium from the inlet of the pump to the outlet of the pump, which has a strong vacuum suction capacity, so the self-priming capacity is far beyond The pump has a strong vacuum pumping capacity, so the self-priming capacity is far more than other structural forms of pumps, adopts gas-liquid two-phase sealing technology, and uses an advanced embedded system to develop an intelligent control system for intelligent monitoring.

As you can see from the above product features, the lobe pump is more advantageous, and compared to gears, it is a more technologically advanced application, and the lobe lobe pump can replace the gear pump.