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May 14, 2022 View:

Can the rotor pump be used as a dirty oil transfer pump?

Guide: lobe pump can be used not only for dirty oil transfer pumps, lobe pump are very widely used in petrochemical industry, mainly because of its construction and its characteristics, which makes lobe pump can be widely used, here are the details to understand.

lobe pump

The dirty oil that people generally touch is composed of waste water, fine particles, flocs, oil, and is abrasive and corrosive. According to the feedback from the opinion of choosing other forms of pumps, the following difficulties generally occur:

1, damage quickly, fine particles produce blockage

2, produce coiled condition

3, vertical natural suction work capacity is insufficient, vibration

4, maintenance is cumbersome, often, the cost increases

If the pump industry is engaged in the personnel, about all

If the pump industry is engaged in the personnel, about all of them understand that the application of the more dirty oil in the transport is self-priming centrifugal pumps, long-shaft submerged pumps, etc., are in the above four difficulties, although the procurement cost is low, but the characteristics can not be achieved at the very beginning of the design program provisions, not only to enhance energy consumption, in the late maintenance and its disassembly and replacement of the pump type of work significantly increased the company's operation and maintenance cost fees.

So, what are the key considerations for selecting a lobe pump for petrochemical equipment?

Two key considerations:

1. Reliability in use

2. The pump, every year the industrial electricity cost fee will be a large number, take the lobe pump, the original product cost is higher than other pumps 3-4 times, but improve the enterprise time processing process response speed, plus a substantial reduction in electricity cost fee, the average value of 3-4 months to be able to get back the operating costs of the lobe pump, may be a try?

The use of value decision price, key technology represents the operation of high efficiency, good application feeling, economic development of the application cost fee, along with the social and economic development and its production of the main improvement, outdated products will eventually be updated, similar to the lobe pump as new technicality will be recognized by customers, and in addition, the creation of invention and independent innovation did not end, stronger upgrade of the pump in the product development The road.