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May 14, 2022 View:

Can the rotor pump be used in the farm what other applications

With the development of industrial technology, the domestic demand for volumetric pumps is increasing, and in order to be able to adapt to more fields, volumetric pumps have been developed in many types, among which lobe pump have been very hot in recent years. So can these lobe pump be used in farms? What other applications can they be used in?

globe pump

One, used in farms

Due to the specificity of the farm environment, a large amount of poultry and livestock manure is produced daily, and this time it is actually difficult to rely on human transportation alone to The cleaning task of the farm is completed in a short time. Therefore farm owners often introduce lobe pump to assist workers with the cleaning and sanitation of their farms in order to be able to speed up the cleaning efficiency of their farms.

II. Applications containing gas

The lobe pump is indeed a good choice when it comes to absorbing gas in applications that contain gas. Because the equipment has a self-priming function, as long as the parameters are designed to resist before the equipment works, it can carry out mixed transport of gas, liquid and slag. In this occasion, it is actually very important to choose the equipment with high efficiency.

Three, the application of high pressure strong occasions

If the workplace pressure is high, while the flow of air is small, this time you can use the lobe pump to share the pressure. The advantage of this equipment is the high pressure resistance and the very fast pressure sharing, so instead of using a centrifugal pump, you can choose this type of volumetric pump in high pressure strong situations.

With the continuous innovation of product technology, lobe pump are being used in a wide range of applications, both in industry and agriculture. The company's products are available in a wide range of sizes and sizes to suit your application.