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May 14, 2022 View:

Can the rotor pump change the direction of transport what to pay attention to when using

As industrial technology continues to evolve, so does industrial equipment, much of which is being updated at a rapid pace. This equipment also has a very good performance, can meet a number of work scenarios. So the lobe pump can change the direction of transport? What should I be aware of when using them?

globe pump

I. Reversible operation

The lobe pump was designed with a variety of operating environments in mind, so the designers have given the device very powerful features. One of these features is the ability to run in reverse. As the direction of fluid transport can change, this equipment is designed to make it very easy to change the direction of operation. This also provides a great convenience for people to work and produce in a specific way.

II. The principle of reverse operation is very simple

The lobe pump allows for a change in the direction of transport, and the principle is very simple. This is because the design of the lobe pump is completely symmetrical, and changing the drive steering can change the transport direction. So with a simple operation, you can change the direction of the drive and therefore the direction of transport. It's a small change, but it can have a very big effect in practice.

Three, the use of attention should be paid to maintenance

The use of lobe pump should pay attention to their maintenance, because changing the direction of transport is a subversion of the mechanism of operation of the equipment. So it should be maintained in time after the operation to keep the equipment stable.

lobe pump are designed to change the direction of transport due to the subtlety of the design principle, and should be maintained to maintain stable performance when in use.