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May 11, 2022 View:

Causes Of The Pump Noise Is Too Large Introduction

Water pump noise is generated by the pump parts or the medium flowing inside the pump. To reduce the noise, we must carefully analyse the source of noise, improve the structure of the source or the movement of the medium, then, what are the causes of pump noise? Today Ace lobe pump to take everyone together to analyse the following.

1. Mechanical noise

Mechanical noise can be generated for a variety of reasons. It is often accompanied by the vibration of the pump and exists at the same time. The intrinsic causes of the pump itself are mainly the poor rigidity of the pump body, which constitutes a source of sound when accompanied by pump cavitation; the poor rigidity of the impeller design can also lead to the above results. In addition, the horizontal multistage centrifugal pump with guide vane, when it is not rigid or guide vane inlet cross-sectional area and inlet edge thickness with unreasonable, may cause the noise generated by the larger vibration in the pump. Secondly, the parts on the pump rotor and the non-rotating pump body, due to contact friction, will also generate high frequency noise.

Another reason for mechanical noise is due to the external structure of the pump and the problems that exist in the installation. For example, the pump base design is unreasonable, small rigidity, the base below the filling concrete defects, the formation of hollow drum phenomenon, and then there is the pump and the motor is not the center, causing the vibration of the rotor and generate noise. In short, the noise generated externally, easy to find, but also easier to eliminate.

2. Aerodynamic noise

Aerodynamic noise, which is mainly generated by the fan and rotor of the motor rotating in the air, is mainly related to the number of blades of the fan and the relative speed of the air flow. For water-cooled motors, this fan-induced noise can be eliminated.

3. Electromagnetic noise

Electromagnetic noise, which is generated by the motor. Voltage instability causes electromagnetic vibration; uneven rotor eccentric air gap increases electromagnetic noise; motor winding has a fault, causing unbalanced magnetic field, making the motor produce a kind of low roar; asynchronous motor rotor has a broken strip, motor torque is reduced, load current is high and low, occurring when the noise is high and low.

4、Hydraulic noise

Machine pump hydraulic noise is caused by hydraulic vibration, machine pump in the high efficiency area of operation when the noise is small, which is the result of the hydraulic design of each hydraulic parameters to obtain reasonable values. When deviating from the design conditions, the sound level of noise is larger, while the damage is very serious.

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