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May 11, 2022 View:

Choose Rotary Lobe Pump Or Screw Pump For Sludge Transfer

It is understood that the solids content of sewage plant sludge is below 5%, containing sand, floc, household waste, etc. Depending on the sludge treatment process, lobe pumps or screw pumps can be used, so which is the most suitable choice? The rubber lobe pump not only solves the problem of clogging when conveying, but it also has a low maintenance cost and a long life.

The specific advantages of rubber lobe pumps are as follows.

1、Low starting torque, rotor and pump casing with clearance fit, can be turned manually

2、Compact design, small footprint, standard flange, calibre can be adjusted according to customer requirements

3、Pump direction reversible, fully symmetrical structure

4、Large space between the rotor and the pump casing; the wide overflow cavity does not have the problem of clogging, and the rotor will constantly clear the pump, so precipitating substances are not dangerous to the lobe pump.

5、Replacement of accessories without dismantling the pipes, without dismantling the motor, using a tool, single person can complete

6、No friction between parts, little wear and tear, long service life

7、The cost of replaceable liner, rotor and seal is 10% of the whole pump