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May 18, 2022 View:

Choose the right lobe pump to play a big role in the work

We need to determine the parameters of the lobe pump itself, such as what is the zui large sewage flow during the peak period, which can be decided according to the number of drainage ports, and can be calculated by professional technicians. 2. head We also need to consider the head, insufficient head will lead to the ground medium can not be removed properly, and even the phenomenon of media backflow; and The head is too high will lead to the waste of subsequent resources. Generally speaking, the appropriate head is the vertical height from the bottom of the medium to the water pipe network, and if you are not sure of the head you need, you can have it measured by professionals on site. 3. If the sewage contains particulate matter, you should choose the abrasive type of sewage lift pump; if the sewage contains fibers, you should choose the cutting type of sewage lift pump pump; of course, if it is a washing machine, hand-washing tray and other sewage sources that almost do not produce impurities, it is recommended that you choose the ordinary rotor of the sewage pump can be, which is more conducive to cost savings.4. Heat dissipation lobe pump in The actual lobe pump is a very high speed, the heat will also be very high, the ability to dissipate heat has become an important indicator to measure it, look at the motor material and motor shell material; see the lobe pump is outside the tank of the general do pump are better, in the tank of the pump is generally not too high technical content of heat dissipation will be much worse. 6. box material general dirt lobe pump box material PP∕PE∕ABS, ABS The corrosion resistance of the zui high, HDPE material is more suitable for large tank sewage lifting pump, but try not to choose stainless steel welded box, because the vibration of the pump will lead to cracking, leaking at any time, the later maintenance is very difficult. 7. service life of this is certainly the longer the better, because the replacement maintenance is more trouble, many began to save money to buy some cheap pump, zui after A few years down the maintenance and replacement costs have exceeded the cost of the product at the time to buy a more secure and stable lobe pump, so try to choose the dirt pump manufacturers more reliable. 8. maintenance difficulty mainly depends on the pump your installation location, generally lobe pump in the sewage lifting pump box outside the zui easy to maintain, because the maintenance of the time simply do not need to open the box;. Of course the price of external pump equipment is much higher than the built-in, because the performance of the external pump can be excellent, the whole manufacturing cost is also higher; at the same time to see whether the equipment with backwash function, if not backwash function is recommended to choose carefully, otherwise the late own cleaning very.