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May 11, 2022 View:

Common Failures And Troubleshooting Methods Of Rotary Lobe Pumps

lobe pump in the process of use, if you encounter flow pressure, motor heat, vibration noise, bearing heat, media bubble situation, because immediately stop the pump to check. The following Ace will introduce you to these common troubleshooting methods.

Insufficient flow pressure

Poor inlet seal, re-installation required; worn rotor or chamber, replace rotor or chamber.

Electric motor heating

The power supply is out of phase, reconnect the power supply; poor contact, pressure, flow is too large, adjust the pressure, flow, check whether the current is overloaded; media viscosity is too high, heating media to reduce its viscosity; rotating parts card pump, replace the rotating parts.

Vibration noise

Blocked inlet, increase the inlet diameter; too high pressure or vacuum, reduce the vacuum or outlet pressure.

Leakage at the seal

Seals are too loose or damaged, adjust or replace seals.

Pump heating

If debris enters the pump and causes the flow to be too small or stuck, open the pump cover, remove the debris and check the rotation of the pump, if it is not normal, the wearing parts should be changed. If the pump is not working properly, the wear parts should be changed.

Heating of bearings

Spindle bent, replace spindle, bearings; bearings damaged, lubricate. Insufficient oil in bearing oil chamber, add oil.

Air bubbles in the medium

Inlet piping leaks, check the inlet piping and connection connections and valves.

These are the common troubleshooting methods of lobe pumps, if you have other questions please visit: