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May 18, 2022 View:

Comparative analysis of lobe lobe pump and gear pump

The working principle of the lobe rubber lobe lobe pump is to take the twisted lobe lobe rubber lobe lobe pump as the core, using two spiral-shaped lobe rotors driven by synchronous gears that constantly rotate, from the pump inlet to push the transport medium to the pump outlet, due to the sealing between the rotor rubber impeller and the pump body, the pump's import and export chambers are completely isolated, with a strong vacuum pumping capacity, so the pump's self-priming capacity far exceeds that of other structural forms The self-priming capability of the pump is far beyond that of other structural forms of pumps.
Because of the three-lobe 60 spiral rotor, the instantaneous design flow rate of the pump is constant at every moment during the rotation week, with almost no pulsation and disturbance. The structure of Eddy's lobe lobe pumps is completely symmetrical and the direction of delivery is reversible. Simply change the drive direction, positive transmission pumping, reverse rotation flushable.
It can effectively prevent the seal surface from dry wear, high temperature, cracking and failure, and ensure the normal operation of the pump unit. Pump rotor: nano-compound wear-resistant rubber rotor, the pump body is strong and durable, long life; anti-gas resistance technology: self-priming height can reach 8.5 meters, horizontal self-priming up to more than 100 meters, no need to divert the tank pump. Gas-liquid self-adaptive integrated box effectively eliminates gas resistance and cavitation during pumping (100m self-priming), so that the pump device has both the pump and compressor functions of gas and liquid delivery. Non-clogging, strong passability: ordinary plastic bags, woven bags, gravel, mud, hair and other debris will not affect the use of the pump. Integrated and integrated control system:The embedded system used in the project develops an intelligent control system to achieve intelligent monitoring.
The gear pump is the active shaft driven by the prime mover to rotate. The top and end surfaces of the teeth are surrounded by the pump body and the front and rear end caps, and rely on two gears biting to convey materials. In the gear biting to convey materials teeth and teeth grinding together, resulting in a strong coefficient of friction. Gear and gear gap will soon become large, conveying efficiency significantly reduced, and even become vacuum-free. Gear pump in the process of conveying teeth and teeth bite will be on part of the material destruction, scorching, etc., soon replace the wheel, viscosity and particles containing materials can not be transported. Gear pumps commonly exist in trapped oil imagination. Gear pump pressure pulsation is large, noise is large. So the gear pump can not do the real sanitary, no leakage.