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May 14, 2022 View:

Comparison of rotor pump and screw pump

The difference between lobe pump and screw pumps is clear to the insider's eye, but there is no such thing as good or bad, just different applications. And there is a price difference between the two, so it's in the choice of each. lobe pump compared to progressive cavity pumps, the difference is clear.

lobe pump

1, the difference in access

The lobe pump is easy to repair because it does not require the removal of the associated piping, so with or without professional tools are available. It occupies a small footprint and does not require much manpower for maintenance, and can be overhauled in small spaces. The progressive cavity pump is different, each time the repair up is a big project, not only need to disassemble the pipeline to take out, but also need some daily uncommon professional maintenance tools to disassemble, must be more than 3 people to cooperate to complete the repair work. The main thing is to make sure that the repair space can be splayed out in advance.

2, the difference in parts life

The lobe pump parts have a long life, with little friction between parts, which naturally does not cause wear and tear, and the possibility of corrosion is extremely low. In contrast, the service life of the single screw pump parts can not be the same, it is not only serious wear and tear, and wear constantly, in the long run is not good.

3, the difference in the cost of spare parts

The lobe pump spare parts are not high, so there is absolutely no need to worry about this part of the investment. While the single screw pump is a little higher, but also by choosing a different brand, you can choose cost-effective. Now the competition between manufacturers is fierce, if you take this opportunity to buy cost-effective equipment is also normal, after all, some manufacturers are mainly to sell accessories, so you really need to carefully compare, do not let the price of accessories higher than the equipment itself.

lobe pump compared with screw pumps, the difference is still a lot, but just the difference, not about the quality of good or bad.