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May 14, 2022 View:

Comparison of the characteristics of rotor pumps and gear pumps

lobe pump and gear pumps are two types of pumps that are widely used, for these two pumps many people are not very clear and understand, but also do not know what features, in fact, before buying or need to spend some time to understand, the following mainly to give you a detailed comparison of lobe pump and gear pumps features are what?

lobe pump

I. Characteristics of lobe pump

lobe pump are based on a twisted lobe rubber lobe lobe pump as the core, driven by synchronized gears from the The pump inlet pushes the conveyed medium to the pump outlet, the pump inlet and outlet chambers are completely isolated and have a strong vacuum suction capacity, so the pump has a strong self-priming capability. Features the use of mechanical seals to effectively prevent the seal surface dry wear, high temperature, cracking, failure, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the pump unit; anti-gas resistance technology without priming the tank pump; integrated and integrated control system using embedded systems to develop intelligent control systems to achieve intelligent monitoring. Maintenance without removing the pipeline, online maintenance.

Second, the characteristics of gear pumps

The pump casing of the gear pump, a pair of gears in the process of use will be the problem of rapid wear, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of transport reduced, for this reason in the use of the process will have to do a good job of timely replacement of equipment. In addition, the starting torque is 3-5 times the working torque, the cost of accessories is low, but the problem that arises during the use of this equipment is the high failure rate, maintenance requires the removal of the pipeline, maintenance is also very troublesome.

lobe pump and gear pumps have huge advantages in all aspects, so it is recommended to use lobe pump when choosing to buy, but of course the price of lobe pump will be slightly higher, the specific purchase of which is appropriate to buy, depending on the actual use of the situation