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May 18, 2022 View:

Correct maintenance can make the lobe pump's service life longer

lobe pump is a kind of medium pressure single-action quantitative vane pump, the pipe thread on both sides of the lobe pump body is connected with the oil pipe, which is the inlet and outlet, and a crescent-shaped cavity is formed between the pump body and the rotor by eccentricity. When the motor drives the shaft through the tape wheel, the rotor groove in the vane due to centrifugal force, clinging to the wall of the pump body of the lobe pump, the vane began to turn from the top of the crescent-shaped cavity to the middle, two adjacent vane and pump body into the space gradually become larger, to complete the oil absorption process. After crossing the midpoint, the space of the lobe pump gradually becomes smaller and larger to complete the oil pressure process, the pressure oil is pressed out from the outlet at the other top of the crescent.
Daily maintenance:
1. Pay attention to save the electric pumping pump should be put in a dry, clean and no corrosive gas environment.
2. Save each part and exchange the same parts, when disassembling and inspecting the high viscosity lobe pump, each part should be saved, pay special attention to the explosion-proof surface of the isolated parts should not be damaged and pulled hair including the insulation liner and bushing.
3. If there is damage, the same parts must be replaced with new ones, not using substitute materials that are lower than the performance of the raw material or parts that do not match the original specifications, and all parts should be installed in their original positions during assembly, not missing. lobe pump