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May 18, 2022 View:

Correct use of lobe pumps to better extend their service life

The correct use of lobe pumps to better extend their service life lobe pumps, also known as high viscosity lobe pumps, specialize in conveying high viscosity, high consistency materials, high efficiency and long life. The pump is mainly used for the needs of petroleum, chemical, coating and other industries, the development of a new type of volumetric pump, because the internal gears of the high viscosity lobe pump can be selected from different materials and its unique structure, so widely applicable to different properties, different viscosity of the media transport. lobe pump stopping the pump is also a certain order, so as to ensure the correct use of the pump and prolong the service life: 1, to stop the pump first to close the pump outlet valve, to prevent the liquid backflow, backflow into the pump cavity, causing gear reversal, resulting in unnecessary damage to the pump. 2, stop the pump, observe the pump rotation inertia is normal, if small, that is to say, the pump has a moka or eccentric place. 3, the pump completely stop After running, then close the inlet valve of the pump. lobe pump before starting, start, run, stop, these steps are very important, its important or the export valve adjustment, master the valve adjustment, can achieve the role of saving resources and protecting the pump. Because the lobe pump start, the pump outlet pipeline is not yet water, so there is no pipeline resistance and lifting height resistance, after the pump start, the pump head is very low, the flow is very large, at this time the pump motor (shaft power) output is very large (according to the pump performance curve), it is easy to overload, it will make the pump motor and line damage, so start to close the export valve, in order to make the pump normal operation, start and stop the pump notes are also very important . lobe pumps are generally used in the food industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, industry, etc.! The lobe pump is mainly composed of inner and outer rotor, shaft, pump body, pump cover, bracket, seal, bearing, etc. 2. smoothly conveying liquid, no pulsation, low vibration, low noise. 3. lobe pump speed and flow is a linear function of the relationship, you can properly change the speed to change the pump flow. High viscosity oil pump is especially suitable for high viscosity media. 4. zui maximum leakage prevention. 5. suitable for outdoor installation, fully enclosed magnetic coupling cavity can protect the outer magnet from contact with moisture or external substances. 6. a variety of standard sliding bearing materials to choose from; cast iron, copper, graphite, tungsten carbide. 7. lobe pump standard magnet Material is NdFeB alloy. The optional yongjiu magnets allow operating temperatures of up to 250°C.