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May 11, 2022 View:

Daily Maintenance Precautions For Stainless Steel Rotary Lobe Pumps

How to maintain the stainless steel lobe pump in the process of daily use? Let Ace lobe pump's tell us below.

lobe pump

1, stainless steel lobe pump end of the bolt to maintain the state of confinement, stainless steel lobe pump force needs to be symmetrical and proportional; while screwing firm side plate while rotating the rotor. If you encounter stuck situation, stainless steel lobe pump need to relax the bolt first, then re-torque firm.

2, stainless steel lobe pump pump drive shaft is not allowed to bear any radial vertical force, and the belt, chain and gear and other lateral drive form are also prohibited to use.

3, usually, stainless steel lobe pump in the base plate strength of the drive shaft and motor shaft coupling is the use of flexible coupling or chain coupling.

4, for the gear oil degree must be maintained in a sufficient state, otherwise over time, the pump base plate 1 softening, it will lead to the motor and pump asymmetry, which in turn will destroy the pump.

5, in the stainless steel lobe pump operation, must make the fluid into the entrance, can not make the pump in there to implement dry and idle.

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