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May 18, 2022 View:

Daily inspection of the lobe lobe pump

Working principle: The rotor installed on two parallel shafts is driven by two synchronous gears rotating in opposite directions. A small cavity is constantly formed between the rotor and the pump casing, and the medium filled in the cavity is constantly pushed out by the rotating rotor from the inlet end to the outlet end. The gap between the rotor and the pump casing is extremely small, which can completely seal the inlet and outlet of the pump, and the reverse conveying can be realized by changing the driving direction of the pump. The squeeze and shear of the pump on the medium is extremely small and negligible, and there is almost no pulsation. lobe pump Daily inspection:
1. Inspection of discharge system piping
The high pressure liquid column of the lobe pump if it is due to sudden power outage and caused by the swift backflow, it will form a bump on the outlet check valve plate. When dealing with the need to pay attention to the discharge system pipeline, as well as the pipeline accessories to check, if there is an unreasonable arrangement will need to be modified.
2. The valve closes too fast
The outlet pipeline of the cam-type lobe pump is often prone to the situation that the valve closes too fast, which can easily lead to damage to the valve, and the treatment method is to close the valve slowly.