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May 18, 2022 View:

Daily maintenance of lobe lobe pump

Cam lobe pump has been widely used in recent years, for the reason of its rapid popularity, firstly, in the structure, all the spare parts in the lobe pump that are in contact with the conveyed materials are made of materials that meet the standard, and its seals are made of non-toxic rubber. Reliable rust resistance and non-toxic sealing ensure safety and hygiene.
First of all, let's take a look at the standard methods for daily maintenance of lobe pumps:
1. The high pressure liquid column of the lobe pump backed up rapidly due to sudden power failure and impacted on the lobe pump outlet check valve plate. The treatment method is to reform the unreasonable discharge system of the lobe pump's piping and piping accessories arrangement.
2. The valve of the outlet pipeline of the lobe pump is closed too fast. The treatment method is to close the valve slowly.
3. The heat transferred from the conveyed medium to the pump cover and bearing of the lobe pump is dissipated by the surface of the pump cover and bearing seat of the lobe pump so that the temperature of the bearing seat is adapted to the temperature of the shaft sealing performance. Therefore, when choosing the installation position of the lobe pump, it is necessary to make the heat of the high temperature oil pump cover and bearing seat easy to spread without any heat accumulation.
4. Due to the sudden power failure, the pressure fluctuation of the lobe pump system causes the negative pressure of the discharge system, and the bubbles dissolved in the liquid escape to make the gas exist in the lobe pump or pipeline. The treatment method is to drain the gas.
5. lobe pump shutdown: cut off the power. The inner liquid will be emptied, cleaned and the rotor should be rotated 180 degrees regularly to prevent shaft deformation until the lobe pump is completely cooled.
And in the specific operation of the lobe pump, we can refer to the following points:
1. Pay attention to the import and export of the lobe pump, when the import and export is wrong, there will be no flow of media and no discharge condition.
2. At present, most manufacturers produce lobe pumps with motor drive, so to ensure the coherence of the pump and motor, adjusting the concentricity and keeping the pump and motor at the same level is a very necessary work.
3. Regular maintenance enables the lobe pump to detect problems in time so as to prevent them from occurring.
4. Before the lobe pump is used, the medium should enter into the inlet to avoid the lobe pump dry and idle, which is very serious damage to the pump, users should pay great attention to this problem when using the lobe pump.
5、Rotor number problem: Each lobe pump has its corresponding rotational speed, users should be clear about the high rotational speed value of the pump in the process of use, do not let the lobe pump overload work, the working speed of the site is lower than the high rotational speed of the pump to be able to healthy operation.