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May 11, 2022 View:

Do You Know The Disassembly Steps Of Ace Rotary Lobe Pump

How is a lobe pump disassembled when it is being serviced? What are the steps? Today Ace will give you a brief introduction.

I. Open the end caps

By loosening the four nuts and removing the valve cover, the pump chamber can be freely accessed. If necessary, the wear plate of the cover can also be replaced at this stage.

II. Remove the rotor

Loosen the strain relief bolt and remove the pressure disc from the rotor. Remove the rotor with the rotor puller and remove the rotor.

III. Removal of wear plates

After you have removed the rotor, all you have to do is remove the two screws and you can remove the wear plate on the side of the gearbox.

IV. Removal of assembled mechanical seals

Using a simple pull-out device, you can now pull out the set mechanical seal and then replace it easily.

V. Assembly

Insert the wear plate on the side of the gearbox, tighten it with two screws, install the rotor, fix the rotor on the shaft with a pressure disc and cover it.

These are the steps for dismantling a lobe pump, I hope you can find them helpful!