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May 11, 2022 View:

Do You Know The Reason For Choosing Rotary Lobe Pump To Transport Sludge In Sewage Plant?

lobe pumps can be used for sludge treatment in sewage plants, return sludge, residual sludge, sludge feeding, thickened sludge, in addition to activated carbon dosing and PAM dosing.

lobe pumps are chosen for the transfer of sludge from sewage plants mainly because of their high efficiency, small footprint and low maintenance costs.

Activated carbon dosing, PAM dosing fancy is resistant to wear and tear, self-priming without filling the pump, simple maintenance and replacement of spare parts, saving time and effort.

Overall, the use of lobe pumps has improved the efficiency of sludge treatment in wastewater plants and reduced the cost of using the machine and pump over its entire life cycle.

Ace lobe pump is an energy-saving and efficient volumetric pump, which will be used more and more widely through continuous technical development and updating of process accessories.