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May 11, 2022 View:

Do You Know The Reason Of Insufficient Flow Of Lobe Rotary Lobe Pumpace Tells You

I believe that you will encounter various problems in the process of using flow, such as insufficient flow, insufficient pressure, etc. Today Ace will tell you about the causes of insufficient flow of rotary lobe pumps.

lobe pump

The causes of insufficient flow in rotary lobe pumps are as follows.

1、Rotor wear or breakage

Solution: Rotor replacement

2、Low speed

The solution: adjust the speed

3、Radial liner or axial inner liner wear

Solution: Replace the radial liner or axial inner liner

4、Pump chamber wear

Solution: Replace the pump chamber

5、The outlet valve is not fully opened

Solution: Open the outlet valve completely

6、The suction range is too high

The solution: lower the suction height

7、Air leakage from inlet piping

Solution: test the inlet line for air leakage, if so block it

8、Clogged outlet line

Solution: test the outlet line and clear the blockage

9、The inlet pipeline is measured to produce vortex

Solution: raise the level or break the vortex

10、High inlet pressure

Solution: Check its cause and fix it

11、The medium viscosity is too high

Solution: Reduce the viscosity of the transported medium or replace the lobe pump that can transport high viscosity.

Warm tip: The above is a relevant introduction to the causes of insufficient flow of the rotary lobe pump. When encountering insufficient flow of the rotary lobe pump, do not repair it at will without knowing the reasons leading to it, but let the professional staff to help you solve the problem. If you have questions about this, you can consult Ace at your service.