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May 11, 2022 View:

Do You Know The Rotation Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

The rotor pump is actually driven by the motor to start the rotation of the rotor to squeeze the medium to be transported, but the rotation of the rotor is a rotation method, each rotation method has a different effect, today Ace will tell you the rotation method of the lobe pump.

lobe pump

The lobe pump rotates as follows.

1. lobe pump motors and pulleys

This model allows a fixed number of revolutions and is the most primitive type of drive for lobe pumps.

2. Motor and fixed speed ratio gearbox

This is a relatively simple type of transmission. The constant rotor speed determines the non-adjustable performance of the flow. If combined with a frequency converter, a speed regulation function can be achieved.

3. lobe pumps with variable frequency motors and frequency converters

This method allows for the automatic adjustment of the speed and the stepless adjustment of the flow rate. It has the advantage of a high degree of automation and facilitates easy operation. However, the lobe pump drive mode also has disadvantages because of the high price of the frequency converter and the low speed torque.

4. Continuously variable transmission with motor and mechanical friction

The variable speed of the gearbox is manually adjustable, safe and reliable, and the flow rate is infinitely adjustable. The disadvantage is that it cannot be adjusted automatically, it can be adjusted during operation but not during shutdown, which has certain restrictions on the operation of the lobe pump.

Warm tip: The above is the introduction to the rotation of the lobe pump. At present, the rotation of the rotor is mainly controlled by the transmission, which can control the speed of the transported medium, which can ensure the efficiency of the medium transport. If you need a lobe pump to help you transport media, you can find Ace pump industry, Ace sincerely for your service.