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May 14, 2022 View:

Does the lobe rotor pump have self-priming function

Does everyone have some knowledge about cam lobe pump? The use of this type of equipment is still relatively frequent, and you should have a brief understanding of this equipment.

These are the most common types of pumps used in the world.

lobe pump

1. Self-priming function of lobe lobe pump

Many people want to Do you know that the lobe lobe pump has a self-priming function? The answer is that this device has a certain self-priming function. First of all, it is a strictly precise design. In particular, the rubber rotor is capable of accepting high pressures between 15 and 20 bar. This can cause a vacuum pump chamber in the rotor's seamless operation. The more precise such a design is, then the more superior its associated self-priming effect is.

2. Some features about self-priming

Does the lobe lobe pump have self-priming capabilities? It is a self-priming device. The next is a brief explanation of this feature. Nowadays, the self-priming capability of the lobe lobe pump has been upgraded as the technology continues to improve. Nowadays, it is possible to achieve self-priming without the need to draw liquid into the pump, just by opening the equipment. At the same time, its self-priming height can reach about 8 meters. Of course, the self-priming capacity of different brands of lobe lobe pump also differs to a certain extent. Ace is a cost-effective choice for you. The lobe lobe pump equipment produced by it has superior performance, stable work and easier maintenance. It also has some advantages in price.

The above is a simple answer to the question of whether a lobe lobe pump is self-priming. This equipment has some self-priming capability. You need to buy a reliable brand to enjoy a more stable and efficient self-priming function.