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May 14, 2022 View:

Domestic lobe rotor pump technology is close to the European high technology level

Guide: We all know that generally when it comes to machinery and equipment which is good, we can't help but think of Germany. But now the technology of our country's cam lobe pump is actually at the same level of technology as similar products produced in Germany. It can be seen that there is no such thing as a bad job, it just needs a process, a process of technical research. About the lobe lobe pump, you can understand it briefly by these points.

lobe pump

1、On the technical level

The technical level is already very

The technology level is already very advanced, if it is the same kind of product, want to buy imported, in fact, there is really no need, because now the production level of this lobe pump or the technical level of this product, in fact, with the level of similar products in Germany is generally the same, you say since this, why spend that wasted money.

2, more specifications

More often than not, the same thing may have several names, which doesn't affect your ability to find the product, but you should probably know a thing or two about it. For example, this lobe pump is also called is a hot melt colloid pump, granular colloid pump, slag pump, protein slag pump, high consistency slurry pump and so on. In fact, did you find that no matter how it is called, in fact, will be with a pump word, and the reason why so called is simply the reason why it is used in different occasions.

The creation of the lobe lobe pump is a matter of great pride. It's a very strong indication of how much technology has improved in this area. And importantly, for many people who need it, the price will be much cheaper than the imported ones.