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May 14, 2022 View:

Don't buy too cheap sludge rotor pumps

The sludge lobe pump belongs to the discharge of viscosity concentration of a high transport machinery, at present China's filter press front sewage sludge, in general, using the sludge lobe pump for transport. The sludge lobe pump, also known as a lobe lobe pump, achieves sludge transfer through fine adjustments to the manufacturing process, with a gas-diesel motor, to meet the needs of the workstation.

lobe pump

The sludge lobe pump is easy to install, has the advantage of a small footprint, is very simple to operate, is generally quick to start, and people can easily grasp its working essentials, and this sludge lobe pump is very easy to repair after a failure. It is also very easy to repair after failure, and its supporting motor power is small, so it does not produce a lot of noise like some other pumps.

The sludge lobe pump is in-line for maintenance, no need to remove the motor, no need to remove the piping, and easy to replace parts. Sanitary, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, less maintenance, high pressure and other characteristics all show its applicable performance, due to the unique working principle of the sludge lobe pump makes it even more advantageous in the transfer of high viscosity materials and perishable materials.

Don't buy too cheap sludge lobe pump. Some people say that nowadays, the industry is under great competitive pressure, and sludge lobe pump sellers are also playing a price war, using low profits to drive sales and sell more. There is nothing wrong with thinking this way. However, do not buy too cheap sludge lobe pump. Why? Obviously, the sludge lobe pump, as measured from the technical point of view and product performance, is necessarily blind and costly research and development, a qualified and law of the regular quality sludge lobe pump, first of all, there must be its high cost of investment, if the price of this product is lower than its product cost price, then, who can guarantee the product qualified and quality degree? In this regard, it is recommended that if you want to buy inexpensive and good quality sludge lobe pump, first of all, say goodbye to the middleman and look for the manufacturer directly. The factors of which I think need not be said.