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May 14, 2022 View:

Double rotor lobe pump has what use characteristics benefits in which

So some of you need to know about the performance and characteristics of this equipment because your job involves it.

lobe pump

I. Non-clogging in use

Double rotor If the lobe pump is always clogged in the process of use, it will bring great trouble to the production and work, and it will directly lower the productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

Two, strong self-priming force

In addition to not clogging during use, the double-rotor lobe pump can also play its strong self-priming force during use, we want to judge the performance of a lobe pump? The most important thing is to see if it has a strong self-priming force. A lobe pump that has no self-priming force or a weak self-priming force will not work better.

Three, can be forward and reverse rotation

A good quality double rotor lobe pump can be forward and reverse rotation in the process of use, both forward and reverse rotation, which is why companies purchase this lobe pump in large quantities? Because in the process of using it, it will have a lot of use advantages and use characteristics.

The double-rotor lobe pump can be used without clogging, and compared to other lobe pumps, this lobe pump has superb self-priming power, and it can rotate both forward and backward when energized, and it is because it has many advantages and benefits that it is now widely used.