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May 11, 2022 View:

Four Aspects Can Improve The Performance Of Mechanical Seals In Manure Transfer Pumps

The role of the mechanical seal in the manure transfer pump determines whether the medium can pass through the pump cavity smoothly and plays an important role in reflecting the advantages of the manure transfer pump. Mechanical seal is not high precision technology, but is one of the main components of the manure transfer pump, the seal is not large, just a component, but can determine the safety, reliability and durability of machinery and equipment. Such as in operation once the pump mechanical seal leakage accident, will not only affect the work of the machine pump equipment, but also cause process device shutdown resulting in greater losses.

So, how to improve the performance of mechanical seals, the following Ace lobe pump's will be from four aspects to explain.

I. How to improve machine efficiency and reduce energy consumption?

1、Reducing the internal and external leakage of the machine to improve the efficiency of the machine volume.

2. Reduce friction losses and improve the mechanical efficiency of the machine. For example, changing double end face seal to single end face seal, unbalanced type.

3, non-equilibrium type into a balanced type, double support to reduce the pump closed end (the so-called chopper pump) to reduce the seal can reduce friction losses and improve mechanical efficiency.

4、Change the sealing method to improve the efficiency of the machinery or unit.

5、Change the auxiliary system to reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the unit.

Second, save raw materials

For example, process fluid recovery, reduction or elimination of power steam and process fluid losses, reduction of sealing oil losses, etc.

III. Improving machine reliability

For example, the leakage and life of a shaft seal determines the reliability of the seal and the machine.

IV. Safety and environmental protection

Prevention of environmental pollution from process fluid leaks, including pollution of the atmosphere, water and workshop environment.

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