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May 11, 2022 View:

Hand-Push Mobile Pump Truck Can Perfectly Solve The Storage Tank Sludge Cleaning Problems

We know that the oil sludge in petroleum and petrochemical storage tanks has a complex composition, mainly sewage, dirty oil, hydrocarbons, particulate matter and other mixed media, in the cleaning requirements of the equipment must be resistant to oil, wear and corrosion, but also has a strong self-priming ability.

The mobile pump truck of the Ace cam lobe pump pumps the complex medium of sludge in storage tanks with a self-priming capacity of up to 5 m and an inlet parallel distance plus a vertical distance of up to 18 m. It is the perfect solution to the problem of tank sludge cleaning.

lobe pump

Ace rotary lobe pumps, with fully rubber covered rotors, made of fluoroelastomer, which has the chemical properties to cope with complex media environments.

There is no clearance between the rotor and the pump casing of the rotary lobe pump. During operation, a vacuum is formed in the pump chamber and a negative pressure is formed at the inlet, and the medium is drawn in from the inlet end and conveyed to the outlet end.

In addition, the mobile trolley pump is flexible and easy to use, lightweight and, together with the drive unit, control cabinet and other auxiliary devices, enables one person and up to two others to push the trolley to the destination area.

When replacing wearing parts, online maintenance is possible without extensive dismantling of the pumping unit, only the pump cover needs to be opened for inspection of parts and replacement of spare parts.