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May 11, 2022 View:

Here Is A Rotary Lobe Pump Test You Can Do All

I. What is the working principle of a lobe pump?

A: The two rotors mounted on two shafts are driven by synchronous gears to rotate against each other. A small sealed cavity is formed between the rotor and the pump casing. When the rotor is rotating, the air at the inlet end is exhausted to form a vacuum and the material is sucked in.

Second, the lobe pump is mainly used in which industries?

A: lobe pumps are widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical industry, metro high speed railway, paper industry, petroleum industry, mining and heavy industry, cleaning tank bottom, agricultural field, daily chemical industry, food industry, paint industry, municipal sewage treatment, farm excretion transfer, food waste treatment and other fields.

Third, what matters need attention before the lobe pump test run?

A: The following matters must be checked one by one before commissioning the lobe pump: 1. check the lubricant level. 2. check whether the flange and connection device are well sealed and leak-free. 3. for the quick connection flange, check whether the fastening device is firm. 4. check the steering of the drive motor.

Fourth, what are the reasons why there is no flow in a lobe pump?

A: 1) low inlet pressure, check the inlet pipeline to make the pressure reach the specified requirements, otherwise cavitation may occur; 2) inlet pipeline blockage; 3) serious rotor wear, there is leakage; 4) safety valve problems. The safety valve should be checked to see if it is not sealed tightly; 5) the speed is too low; 6) the viscosity is too low, the working range of the pump needs to be checked, and if necessary, the model should be reselected.

V. How long can a lobe pump run dry?

A: When the lobe pump is used for self-priming, the dry running of the pump is a very important assessment index. At the beginning of pump operation, there is no medium in the pipeline, and the pipeline from the pump inlet to the liquid level needs to be pumped into a vacuum to form a negative pressure, which requires our pumps to have a certain dry running capability or take certain measures to avoid dry running of the pump. Usually, the dry running time of a lobe pump can be 0-30 minutes.

Sixth, what factors can lead to abnormal heat in the operation of the lobe pump?

A: 1. heat with noise, usually damage to the bearing ball isolation frame. 2. loose bearing retaining sleeve in the bearing box, loose front and rear gland, causing heat due to friction. 3. oversized bearing holes, causing the outer ring of the bearing to loosen. 4. foreign objects in the pump. 5. large rotor vibration, so that the seal ring wear. 6. pump pump pumping or pump load is too large. 7. unbalanced rotor. 8. too much or too little lubricating oil and oil quality is not Qualified.

7. What is the maximum pressure of the lobe pump?

A: The maximum pressure of the lobe pump is generally related to the machining accuracy of the pump, the higher the accuracy the higher the output pressure, but also and material strength, hardness, hardness, wear and tear is small, maintain the high pressure output time is long. In general, the maximum pressure value of the rubber rotor will be greater than the copper rotor than the stainless steel rotor, so in the selection of the type, according to the properties of the medium and the requirements of the work station, different choices.

Eight, the lobe pump stop when the precautions

A, 1, stop the pump to close the import and export valves, easy to condense material discharge cleanup. 2, the pump in a longer period of time out of use, before starting should first turn the coupling by hand, feel the resistance, but can turn at will and light and heavy uniform. And pay attention to identify the sound of friction and foreign matter in the pump. 3, in the pump and reducer motor re-installation, should check the coaxiality of the pump shaft and motor shaft, measurement of the coupling of the outer circle of the upper and lower left and right piece position shall not exceed 0.1mm, otherwise it will cause pump vibration, affect the life of the spindle.