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May 11, 2022 View:

High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump Selection By The Influence Of The Transport Medium?

Different media on the choice of high viscosity lobe pump is a certain influence, the following Ace lobe pump 's will take you to learn together!

1, the medium is easy to crystallize: easy to crystallize the medium in the environment of room temperature or low temperature, easy to crystallize and lose fluidity, so when conveying easy to crystallize substances can choose the pump body with insulation to ensure the fluidity of the medium.

2, the medium is easy to corrosive: acidic, alkaline media are corrosive, in the choice of high viscosity pump material to pay attention to the choice of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, sealing rubber ring, etc. should also choose corrosion-resistant rubber, etc.

3, the medium is toxic, harmful: toxic and harmful media transport process is not allowed to leak, this time to choose magnetic drive high viscosity pump, magnetic drive is different from the traditional seal, can realize the transport process of zero leakage.

4, the medium viscosity is too low or too high: high viscosity pump can be adjusted by adjusting the speed to transport different viscosity of the medium, but if the medium viscosity is too low, it will cause insufficient pressure; viscosity is too high or even lose fluidity, also can not choose high viscosity pump.

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