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May 18, 2022 View:

High viscosity lobe pump application industry have those

High viscosity lobe pumps are used in a variety of fluid transfer industries, especially for handling fluid transfer with a wide range of viscosity changes. Application industries: suitable for conveying pure and viscous fluids, can be used to transport oil such as lubricating oil, crude oil, etc.; can also be used to transport rubber, asphalt, paints, adhesives, dyes, paints, lubricants, food, pharmaceuticals and other high viscosity materials that do not contain particulate impurities, etc. conveyance.

Functional characteristics of its products:

1. The rotor and pump body maintain a certain gap between them, with no friction coefficient and long service life.

2. Easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and clean, and few wearing parts.

3, energy saving, low failure rate, reliable seal, low noise.

4. After using special materials, media containing solid particles. Such as sludge and sewage, can be transported.

5. The viscosity of transportable medium is less than 2 million cp,

6. The flow rate can be adjusted at will after inverter configuration, and it can be used as a general metering pump.

7. The flange type, screw type and clamp type can be selected according to the user's connection requirements.

8、It can convey gas, liquid and solid three-phase mixture materials.

9. The insulation and cooling pump adopts the internal structure with good guiding performance

10. The mobile pump can pump all kinds of barrel materials, and the pumping vacuum is -0.02Mpa~-0.08Mpa.

Application industries:
Petroleum industry: It has advantages for the transportation of crude oil, heavy oil and the mixture, as well as the transportation of high viscosity materials, oil loading and unloading truck operations.
Firefighting industry: Long-distance fetching of water sources for firefighting and emergency flooding in rainy seasons.
Paper industry: It is mainly used to convey pulp, pulp, ink, fiber slurry and some adhesive liquid.
Food industry: for pumping, acid washing, and backwashing of food materials or raw liquids.
Ship industry: mainly sludge cleaning on ships, tank bottom oil sweeping and unloading, and sewage treatment, etc.