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May 14, 2022 View:

High viscosity rotor pumps for different media have differences

Guide: High-viscosity lobe pump are always used with many different kinds of media, which are the main transport substances of the equipment. The physical and chemical properties of the media will affect the choice of what kind of lobe pump to choose.

1, easy to crystallize media

If you want to transport easy to crystallize media, if it is at room temperature or a relatively low temperature, crystallization is easy because of the low temperature and loss of mobility, so in the transport of easy to crystallize media, it is best to choose the lobe pump can be insulated will be more suitable. The lobe pump can be used to transport crystallization-prone media.

2. Corrosive media

Whether acidic or alkaline media are corrosive, we should pay attention to the material in the choice of high viscosity lobe pump, to choose those more corrosion-resistant materials to use, but also pay attention to the seal ring material should also choose the corrosion-resistant rubber will be more suitable.

3. Toxic and harmful media

When transporting toxic and harmful media, it is important to note that there must not be any leakage. It can be guaranteed that there is no possibility of leakage.

4. Media with too low or too high viscosity

If it is a high viscosity pump, we can directly use the speed adjustment to transport different media, but if the viscosity is not enough, it will make the pressure too small, and this time we must use a high viscosity pump.

High-viscosity lobe pump are generally prone to these media when transporting, so you need to gather these media for a reasonable choice when making your selection.