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May 11, 2022 View:

How Can The Use Of Rotary Lobe Pumps Meet The Needs Of The Working Conditions?

According to market personnel, lobe pumps are widely used in the petrochemical and some sewage sludge treatment industries. Which advantages of the lobe pump are reflected? Today Ace lobe pump's will take you to understand together.

1、The lobe pump can transport a variety of mixture materials

The lobe pump uses a rubber covered rotor, the overflow chamber forms a vacuum during operation and the rubber material of the elastomer is insensitive to mixtures containing particles, other long flocs. Smooth conveying, low pulsation, low shear, mixed media of gas, solid and liquid as well as media sensitive to cut-off.

2、The lobe pump has high efficiency and energy saving features

The lobe pump can transport a variety of materials at the same time because of its use, making the efficiency of the work greatly improved, the equipment has good performance in the use of the process, making the equipment is not easy to fail, these make the use of equipment is more efficient, the equipment are used in the way of electric transport, has a good energy-saving effect.

3、Low speed, no clogging

The low speed of 10-650r/min, the wear-resistant rubber liner with axial and radial wear plates allow the pump to run longer and with a low failure rate. This, coupled with the non-clogging design, ensures the passage of large diameter materials up to a maximum passage diameter of 80mm.

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