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May 11, 2022 View:

How Much Do You Know About The Advantages Of Rotary Lobe Pump Application

As a volumetric pump with a simple working principle, small size, small mass and no pollution, the lobe pump is not only suitable for oil-liquid media transport, but also has a broad market in petroleum and petrochemical, municipal fire fighting and livestock sewage transport. The lobe pump has obvious advantages in conveying media containing solid particles, shear sensitive media and high viscosity media.

The lobe pump has a low speed, small volume, small mass and non-polluting a volumetric pump, not only suitable for oil-liquid media transport, and in petroleum and petrochemical, municipal fire fighting, animal husbandry sewage transport has a broad market, and in the transport of solid particles containing media, shear-sensitive media and high viscosity media advantages are obvious.

lobe pump

Compared with other pumps, the lobe pump conveying flow can be precisely controlled and the lobe pump has a strong self-priming ability, while other pumps need to be filled first and the viscosity of the conveying liquid increases and its flow rate gradually decreases.

lobe pumps and screw pumps belong to the same volumetric pump, its characteristics are more similar, are suitable for the transport of high viscosity materials, in the gas, liquid and solid three mixed materials and the requirements of low shear materials, have a high conveying pressure. Due to the non-streamlined surface of the single screw pump, the numerous defects in the chamber and the direct contact between the screw and the bushing determine its short service life. The lobe pump, on the other hand, has a gap between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump casing, which is a non-contact operating condition, and the rotor has a streamlined structure and basically no dead spots in the rotor chamber, so it is easier to convey highly viscous media and has a longer service life.

lobe pump

The low rotor speed and non-contacting rotor make the lobe pump have the following characteristics compared to other types of pumps.

1、The lobe pump conveys a wide range of liquid media viscosity, from low viscosity to semi-solid state fluid.

2, low rotor speed, on the one hand, makes its operation process less pulse, fluid flow is stable, on the other hand, low speed also brings the advantages of under wear, long service life and less damage to the conveyed materials.

3、The lobe pump has fewer rotor leaves, higher volume utilisation, less suction resistance and good suction capacity.

4, lobe pump rotor shape symmetry, dynamic balance, smooth operation, low motion noise when choosing high precision gear drive.

5、The lobe pump has a compact structure and covers a small area.

6、The lobe pump can be maintained online, i.e. the rotor can be replaced without removing the pump, making maintenance easy and requiring little maintenance space.