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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Adjust The Total Flow Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

How do you adjust the total flow rate of a lobe pump? Today Ace lobe pump's takes a look at this.

1, according to the basic law of proportion and the basic law of laser cutting, change the pump speed ratio, change the pump structure, the two ways can change the characteristics of the curve, and then to adjust the total flow of the purpose. However, for the pump is now working, the way to change the pump mechanism is less convenient, and because of the change of the pump structure, reducing the practicality of the pump, although it is in some cases to adjust the flow of economic and convenient, in manufacturing is also very rarely used.

2, here only analyze the way to change the speed ratio to adjust the total flow rate. When changing the pump speed ratio to adjust the total flow rate from Q1 to Q2, the pump speed is reduced from n1 to n2, the speed ratio is n2 under the pump performance curve graph Q-H and pipe characteristics curve graph He = H0 + G1Qe2 (pipe special curve graph does not transform) to give the point A3 (Q2, H3), point A3 for the new working midpoint after adjusting the total flow rate according to the variable speed.

3, this adjustment can be adjusted to increase the use of the pump period, save electromagnetic energy, and then to reduce the speed ratio operation can also reduce the cavitation margin NPSHr, so that the pump to avoid cavitation area, reduce the probability of cavitation. The disadvantage is to change the pump speed ratio must have according to the new technology of frequency conversion to change the speed ratio of the transmission device, the basic loess is complicated, the capital investment assets are relatively large, and the total flow adjustment range is small.

4, change the total flow easy is also more commonly used way, only need to adjust the pump import and export gate valve opening degree can adjust the total flow of gear oil pump, its essence is to transform the pipeline characteristics of the curve diagram of the place to change the pump work in the point.

There are essentially no spare parts in the specific operation, the operation is essentially maintenance-free, the cleaning process is easy and without blind spots, and all parts that touch the loess can be made of stainless steel sheets that meet the characteristics of the loess material.

The above is the way to adjust the total flow of the lobe pump, I hope it will be helpful to you. Zhejiang Ace professional lobe pump manufacturer, welcome to call to consult the selection: +086-18626835909