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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Choose The Oil Unloading Pump

The low density of the oil and the increase in temperature will lead to vaporisation and, if the pump speed is too high, cavitation will occur. The lobe pump uses a rubber covered rotor, which has a low speed, is corrosion resistant and allows for a short period of mixed gas-liquid transfer. It just meets the selection criteria for oil unloading pumps.

I. Low speed

Oil selection, the speed should be low, the higher the speed, the higher the temperature, the more likely to occur cavitation, so the lobe pump in the selection of speed, control in 330rpm or less

II. Gas-liquid mixing

The unloading of oil, it is best to use manual control, because automatic control can not observe the progress of unloading in time, in the end, the pump is easy to dry rotate, dry grinding phenomenon occurs, damage to the rubber rotor. Or in the case of selection, for the flow rate, precise calculation and selection of a suitable lobe pump.

III. Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance is reflected in the choice of rubber covered rotor material. Rotors made of fluoroelastomer are inherently corrosion resistant.

Therefore, lobe pumps with rubber covered rotors can solve the cavitation problems of other pumps, as well as the problems of mechanical seal damage, and can improve the efficiency of unloading trucks.

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