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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Choose The Reducer Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

In order to reduce the load on the motor and extend its service life, it is generally important to choose the reducer when buying a rotor pump, so, as far as the reducer is concerned, do we choose stepless speed regulation or fixed speed? Today Ace lobe pump's will be a brief introduction for you.

The difference between stepless speed regulation and fixed speed is.

Stepless speed adjustment: As lobe pumps are usually used to transport highly concentrated materials, when the customer's material concentration is too high, the speed can be reduced appropriately to prevent motor overload and improve motor life. Likewise, when the material concentration is relatively low, the speed can be increased appropriately to save time.

Fixed speed: Usually, when we select the type of lobe pump for our customers, we usually recommend the use of a fixed speed reducer if the power is greater than 11 KW, and also recommend the use of an additional frequency converter. The inverter is needed to protect the use of the motor because when the high power motor is turned on, it generates a large transient current which affects the life of the motor.


1. When adjusting the stepless speed regulation, the lobe pump must be started with attention to the speed regulation of the gears.

2. All our lobe pumps are used together with the reducer and if the gear oil in the reducer is reduced, it needs to be added.

3. When the customer's material temperature is below 70 degrees, we usually recommend the customer to use single end mechanical seal. So when starting the lobe pump, the customer needs to allow the material to flow into the pump chamber inside the lobe pump first to turn on the machine. Due to the poor rotation of the lobe pump, the seals can be damaged and leak due to high temperatures. If the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, we will use a double end seal construction for the customer's use. In this case, the customer will need to cool the seals by passing cooling water through the seals. When the cooling water is full, the lobe pump can also be started without material in the cavity.

These are the considerations for the purchase of lobe pump reducer, hope it will help you!