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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Choose The Sludge Transfer Pump Has What Characteristics

When choosing a sludge transfer pump, you should choose a product with good technical conditions, because only good technical conditions can ensure that the product is smooth and comfortable in use, and will not appear stuck and stagnant vibration and other phenomena, and to seal the air pressure test in advance, if the air pressure test pressure is 0.2Mpa, it can be used normally, you should also use a better cable, in the cable sealing head using a special vulcanisation treatment to prevent the outer skin of the cable from wearing out and causing the motor to enter the water, so as not to bring us danger.

Features of sludge transfer pumps

The sludge transfer pump is able to lift the impeller in the best hydraulic design, and can play a good role in anti-penetration, there is no winding and clogging phenomenon, and the shaft and oil chamber seal is advanced and reliable, small footprint is another feature of this machine, this machine can be installed quickly, for the shape of the pool is also no limitation, the use of function is very simple, maintenance is also very convenient The sludge transfer pump is also widely used because of its low power and high performance.

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