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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Deal With Abnormal Heat In The Operation Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

The causes of abnormal heating during the operation of lobe pumps are.

1. Heat with a murmur, usually damage to the ball bearing isolator.

2. Loose bearing retaining sleeve in the bearing box, loose front and rear gland, heat caused by friction.

3、The bearing hole is too large, causing the bearing outer ring to loosen.

4. There are foreign objects in the pump body.

5、The rotor vibrates a lot and makes the sealing ring wear.

6. The pump is pumped empty or the load on the pump is too large.

7. Rotor unbalance.

8、Too much or too little lubricating oil and unqualified oil quality.

lobe pump routine maintenance notes.

1, seals, lobe pump sealing is divided into static parts sealing and moving parts sealing, support static parts sealing seal (should pay attention to the surface should not have scratches or bruises, otherwise, for a direct impact on the sealing effect; for moving parts sealing, because it will be affected by the pressure size and the corrosion of the transport medium, there are also particles in the medium wear and tear and many other factors (if a little careless, it is likely to have a leak phenomenon occurs. Once the product leaks, should be stopped in time to overhaul, wipe clean with a soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, assembled, first after the hand, before the machine can be turned on and used, such as repair is hopeless, should be replaced by new parts.

2, lubrication parts, the pump's transmission gear, rolling bearings, to maintain good lubrication conditions, usually, often pay attention to the gear in the oil level, give enough lubricant, and to ensure that the oil quality, clean, regular (six months or a year) for a new oil.

3. Electrical systems, around electrical equipment, are not allowed to store instruments, substances or gases that damage the insulation. At the same time keep the electrical equipment in a dry environment. If this is difficult to avoid, moisture-proof facilities should be added.

4, daily maintenance, whenever the shutdown does not work, will be based on the nature of the materials conveyed, choose the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump will be cleaned, after also have to use clean water to clean again, to ensure that the pump clean and sanitary.