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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Deal With The Small Water Output Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

If the water output of a lobe pump is small, it will not only affect the self-priming ability, but also easily cause high engine temperature under pressure, thus inducing a series of problems such as short circuit. So, how to deal with a small water output from a lobe pump? Today Ace lobe pump manufacturer's will tell you.

I. Checking the gap of the impeller

After a long period of use, it is easy to have a loose impeller causing the gap between the impeller and the machine itself to be too large, which will not only affect its own water output, but will also cause the machine packing to be damaged. In the face of these conditions, the lobe pump manufacturers suggest that we can replace the lobe pump shell itself, or the impeller mouth ring for better adjustment, is to help the self-priming effect to obtain the key to smooth. During the usual use of the application of this method to help, in order to ensure that the machine itself on the self-priming effect of the corresponding progress and perfection.

II. Pipes for impeller replacement

Sometimes the water pipes are not cleaned effectively for a long time, they may become clogged with dirt, which, when selected in this way, can easily cause the risk of poor self-priming. So regular cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe, in addition to the need to promptly replace the pipe if too much storage is found, in order to ensure that the water effect is improved.