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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Distinguish Between Rotary Lobe Pumps And Centrifugal Pumps

A rotor pump is a pump that changes its working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, which in turn increases the energy of the liquid. A lobe pump is a rotating displacement pump with positive displacement properties, whose flow does not vary with back pressure.

lobe pump

A centrifugal pump is a pump that relies on the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the impeller to transport liquid.

The main differences between rotor and centrifugal pumps are as follows.

1, the lobe pump has a strong self-priming ability, while the centrifugal pump must be filled with liquid before moving to rotate.

2, the lobe pump is a volumetric pump, the delivery flow can be more accurately controlled, but also can be easily made into a variable pump. The output flow of the centrifugal pump cannot be controlled, and decreases with the increase of its own resistance.

3, lobe pumps can be easily made into varieties with higher output pressure, such as 15kg/cm2, suitable for long distance or high resistance quantitative conveying.

4, the lobe pump speed is very low, generally between 120rmp and 600rmp, the material being conveyed is smoothly output and its composition will not be damaged. The centrifugal pump's speed is very high, the material being conveyed is subjected to strong impact and centrifugal force, so the centrifugal pump often produces the phenomenon of inconsistent material composition when conveying the mixture, so that the quality of the finished product is reduced. The lobe pump is the best solution to this problem, so it is particularly suitable for conveying mixed materials and even materials containing solid particles.

5, lobe pump optimised rotor profile design, smooth pulsation, very small errors, very little vibration, high efficiency, which is also its biggest difference compared to centrifugal pumps.

6, lobe pumps can be used to transport very high viscosity substances, so also known as colloidal pumps. The centrifugal pump does not have this characteristic.

The above is the difference between lobe pump and centrifugal pump, to learn more about the pump related knowledge please pay attention to our website: