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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Do Abnormal Vibration And Noise Of Rotary Lobe Pump

Abnormal vibration noise from lobe pumps may be caused by.

1、Large eccentric coupling or poor lubrication.

2. There is gas in the pump.

3. Motor failure.

4. Abnormal speed reducer.

5. Poor installation at the shaft seal.

6. Shaft deformation or wear.

Treatment: first shut down and check, using some vibration measurement devices for real-time monitoring of the pump and motor. When the pump itself may have all the problems eliminated, such as still can not solve the problem of vibration, but also consider the impact of external conditions on the lobe pump. For example: the inherent frequency of the lobe pump foundation and vibration frequency similar to the resonance caused by the pump, the pump vibration caused by the failure of the prime mover, the connection between the pipeline and the lobe pump using a strong counterpart and other reasons can also cause abnormal vibration of the lobe pump. Generally take the appropriate measures can solve the problem.