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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Ensure The Clearance Between The Rotary Lobe And The Rotary Lobe Chamber Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Ace Tells You

We know that a pair of rotors in a lobe pump always maintain the clearance between them during operation, whether the lobe pump is running at high or low speed, this pair of rotors processed by the curve equation always maintain a uniform rated clearance, the clearance at any position is the same, we call this operation synchronous operation.

In fact, although we usually see lobe pumps with a variety of rotor styles, such as single vane, double vane, three vane, four vane, five vane, butterfly, etc., in the final analysis the rotor is simply a different form of tooth meshing, and the meshing operation is achieved by a pair of involute or circular curves which engage with each other to satisfy the meshing principle.

In order to prevent the rotors from colliding and rubbing against each other and to meet the needs of the various materials used, the power transmission end of the lobe pump is usually equipped with a pair of high-precision synchronising gears to ensure the direction and accuracy of the rotor's operation. The accuracy of the synchronising gears determines the operational stability of the lobe pump and the size of the clearance that can be guaranteed, thus affecting the operational accuracy of the whole unit. The synchronous gears we normally use are hardened, high-precision gears with high-precision grinding.