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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Operate The High Viscosity Rotary Lobe Pump Properly Ace Tells You

High viscosity lobe pump is mainly used to transport high viscosity media lobe pump, that high viscosity lobe pump how to operate correctly? The following Ace to speak for everyone.

lobe pump

Measures for the correct operation of high viscosity lobe pumps are as follows:

1. The high viscosity lobe pump is equipped with cooling water mechanical seal equipment. Before starting, should first open the cooling water, then open the ignition oil pump. It is often necessary to investigate whether the cooling water is normal, and it is strictly forbidden to run without cooling water.

2. In principle, high viscosity lobe pumps can only be operated under conditions of pressure, flow, viscosity, temperature, PH and solids content, which are based on selection and sequencing to prevent, as far as possible, high viscosity lobe pumps from operating under conditions that exceed the constraints.

3, high viscosity lobe pump conveying solidified high viscosity media, before stopping the pump should dilute the pump media, to prevent the residual solidification of high viscosity media in the pump, if necessary, can use the cleaning solution, through the pump cycle cleaning 5-10 minutes.

4、When the high viscosity lobe pump is running, the viscosity, flow and pressure of the material simply increases, leading to overloading of the motor. Always check that pressure gauges, safety valves and overflow protection equipment are normal.

5, high viscosity lobe pump after installation, a year of monthly cleaning filter and filter, so as not to block the pump can not work properly. Try to avoid the use of Y-type pipeline filter (the use area of Y-type pipeline filter is too small, which affects the flow of the feed medium and causes the pump to oscillate).

6. High viscosity lobe pumps with insulated equipment should be preheated with hot water (steam) before starting until the pump temperature rises to the technical requirements for delivery. Stop the pump before turning off the hot water (steam).

Warm tip: The above is the introduction about how to operate the high viscosity lobe pump correctly. High viscosity lobe pump can only be used correctly and durable if it is operated correctly, so remind customers to follow the above requirements to operate correctly.