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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Rotary Lobe Pump

How can you reduce lobe pump wear during use? Today Ace is here to tell you.

(1) Reduce the pump speed as much as possible and use multi-stage pumps in order to achieve the required head.

(2) Impeller ring is the weak link of wear, reduce the single stage head, can reduce the pressure difference of the ring, reduce the flow rate through the ring, thus reducing the wear of the ring.

(3) The use of double suction pumps reduces the diameter where the orifice ring is located, thus reducing the wear of the orifice ring.

(4) Closed impellers are more resistant to wear than open impellers.

(5) Without compromising the passing capacity, a slightly larger number of blades can be used to help combat wear.

(6) Because any change in flow will induce vortices and cause wear and tear, the overflow from the pump inlet to the outlet must be smoothly transitioned to ensure a smooth, smooth flow field.

(8) Wear is proportional to the third power of the relative water velocity.

(9) Shell sealing add seals at the shell fit to prevent water leakage from washing away.

The above nine points are the ways to reduce the wear and tear of lobe pumps, I hope it will help you!