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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Reduce The Wear And Tear Of The Rotary Lobe Pump By Mud And Sand

The damage to the water part of the rotor pump can be divided into three kinds of corrosion, vapor corrosion and abrasion. Abrasion is due to the water contains hard solid particles and overflow parts of the surface friction and impact formed, belongs to the mechanical damage, because the water contains a large amount of sediment, so the wear and tear on the lobe pump is more serious. So how to reduce this wear and tear? Today Ace Pumps is here to help you understand.

Generally speaking, the cause of wear and tear is the abrasive force generated by the high-speed sandy water flow. When the sediment containing a certain particle size and hardness passes through the lobe pump at high speed, it generates considerable scouring and abrasive force, which causes surface damage by grinding away the microscopic particles on the metal surface layer by layer. Therefore, high speed is the main cause of lobe pump wear.

High velocity sand-laden water flows form swirls and bends on the uneven surface of the metal, and the sand particles form repeated impacts on the surface causing damage to the wall. Due to the impact of the angles and sharp corners of the sand particles, the pressure per unit area is very large, more than the metal surface limit strength and damage, especially to produce vortex, reflux parts, this effect is particularly obvious. Such as blade, impeller disc on both sides, mouth ring, pump casing and other places of wear, mainly due to vortex, reflux impact and caused by.

As a result of both of these actions, the former wears to form stripes and the latter forms pits, the combined effect of which results in fish-scale grooves. As a result, sediment wear severely reduces the service life of the lobe pump.

Measures to prevent lobe pump wear: improve the anti-wear performance of sewage pump parts materials, according to the relevant tests, the order of metal wear resistance: stainless steel, nickel-chromium steel, ordinary steel, brass, cast iron, of which cast iron anti-wear performance is the worst, mainly due to the unevenness of the structure, damage are from the graphite composition of cast iron in the gradual flaking.

Therefore, from the material consideration, it is necessary to use the metal with good wear resistance. This is today's introduction, to learn more about lobe pumps please visit: