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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Select A Rotary Lobe Pump See Here

The rotor pump is a volumetric pump with high pump efficiency, small footprint, online maintenance and simple dismantling. It is widely used in processes requiring wear and corrosion resistance, mixed gas and liquid transport and strong self-priming. How to select the lobe pump for different working conditions? Today's lobe pump manufacturer's will tell you.

lobe pump selection method.

1、The selection table provided in the official website of the lobe pump manufacturer

2、Paper selection samples from lobe pump manufacturers

3、A detailed table of technical parameters obtained after telephone communication with the manufacturer's technical staff

Data required for lobe pump selection

1. Flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation margin, suction range and other process data requirements.

2, in addition to the need to meet the data provided by the customer, the lobe pump rotor material has rubber material, 304L, 316L material, the customer needs to provide the specific name of the media to determine the appropriate rotor material.

lobe pumps must meet the application conditions

1, in line with the requirements of the characteristics of the medium, such as for the overflow components of corrosion resistance, wear resistance requirements.

2. High reliability of the equipment, low noise and low vibration.

3、Economically, the total cost of equipment, running costs and maintenance costs are considered to be the lowest.