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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Select The Type Of Rotary Lobe Pump For Sludge Transfer

The lobe pump is a rotary displacement pump with positive displacement properties and its flow does not vary with back pressure. As a result, they are widely used in many industries. Today Ace lobe pump's will share how lobe pumps should be selected when conveying sludge.

1、Solids content

A high solids content means high abrasiveness, so the corresponding lobe pump outlet speed needs to be reduced, if 3%, it is recommended to choose a speed of around 250 rpm.


If the sludge is industrial, then a stainless steel pump casing should be considered

3. About particulate matter

Particles we need to pay attention to the texture as well as the particle size, the lobe pump cannot transport hard particles, while the particle size should be controlled at the mm level or even lower, if possible, add a basket filter at the front of the pump, or add a 50 mesh filter to the inlet line.

In addition, there is a more flexible point, such as the pumping of river sludge, the use of lobe pumps to feed the stacker, solids content as well as viscosity uncertainty, at this time, the lobe pump outlet speed needs to be reduced, good choice of large diameter pump, equipped with frequency conversion motor, initially began to reduce the frequency of use, slowly return to 50HZ frequency, so as to ensure the stability of operation and reduce the consumption of wearing parts.

The Zhejiang Ace lobe pump is a volumetric pump that, through a speed reducer, reduces the speed of the motor by between 10 and 650 rpm, the higher the viscosity of the medium and the higher the solids content, the lower the speed.